Welcome To Greenzone Engineering Private Limited

Greenzone Engineering Pvt Ltd.is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which is committed to meet the customers’ requirements and expectations by providing support and service for development and low-cost manufacturing of products in the field of Automotive electrical / Automotive electronics/ Automotive Accessories and spare parts / Medical and consumer Electronics. We strategize and help you implement right tech for your toughest business problems. Our technology consulting support helps you to accelerate your transformation with the latest technological trends, design thinking at the right pace for your business. To ensure this commitment we use our technical expertise that is dependable and result oriented. Our team is committed enough for any kind of improvement in the quality management system through systematic and robust documented approach.

Present Areas Of Support

Automotive Lighting Electronics

Automotive Electronic accessories

Electronic Products for Electric vehicle

Medical Electronics

Management Support For New Business Vertical

We do provide guidance for creating new business vertical in the areas of Automotive lighting electronics, Automotive electronic accessories, electronic product for Electric vehicle, medical electronics and consumer electronics by aligning end customers in the above respective areas. This service is extended further for setting up new infrastructure and establishment of manufacturing process with defined quality guidelines. laboratories for giving design an edge. Areas served include Automotive Lighting electronics, Automotive general electronics, Medical Electronics, Consumer electronics, power Modules, E-mobility

Product Design And Development Support

Greenzone engineering Private Limited implements your ideas into commercial products. We deal in simple to complex design and product development services for customizing electronic products. During development support, areas such as finalizing technical specification, schematic diagrams, PCB design, embedded system, etc. We use sophisticated CAD and PCB design software for development, in-circuit emulators and testing laboratories for initial design and development support.

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